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DORLET is currently one of the leading complete security solution providers, due to being a leading access control manufacturer and having complete software solution that allows Integrated Security System management. 

Using our own technology, we develop and manufacture the whole solution, from CPUs and readers to management software. 

There are different product ranges, classified in accordance with their features, from CPUs integrated in a single control unit: access control , intrusion and audio and video transmission, to simple Independent electromechanical locks. The entire product range can be combined in a single facility, providing unique versatility and modularity on the market.

DORLET - Readers

The system management software also allows access control, visitor control, presence control, alarm management and synoptic charts functions.

One of DORLET's advantages is the possibility of integrating security systems owned by third manufacturers (CCTV, Intrusion, Fire Prevention...) in its DORLET DASS management software, thus providing a single Integrated Security platform.

DORLET - Complete architecture

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