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Centralised Systems

DORLET centralised systems are the backbone of our solutions and in summary they are formed by the different control units (CPU) and field elements (readers, analogue sensors, digital sensors...) related to them.

DORLET has different centralised CPU models that can be connected in a fully-supervised proprietary bus or directly to the Ethernet network, in this case also allowing integrated IP voice and video management by the access control system. Each control unit has internal intelligence to control the field elements that depend on it (readers, electrical locks, sensors, etc.), making our solutions streamlined and robust in the event of failures. 

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Sistemas Centralizables UCAs

DORLET CPUs allow complete control of access control, intrusion and technical alarm devices. There are CPUs for 1 or 2 readers and they have additional inputs/outputs. All of them have high storage and processing capacity. There are different versions depending on their supply and communication format. This ensures a fully modular product that can be easily upgraded.

.   .   .   AS/3 CPU.   SB/3 CPU.   Communications interface.  


Sistemas Centralizables Lectores

DORLET has a large variety of ID readers which can be adapted to each facility's requirements. Each reader family has models with a reader head, keypad and display, motorised models, models with a built-in intercom and/or camera, and so on.

R/W Proximity (13.56 Mhz) (MIFARE, 15693...)Biometric readerINDALA Proximity (125 Khz)HID Proximity (125 Khz)Contact chip card readersMagnetic stripe readersVehicle readersAccessories

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