Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras

Puerto Algeciras

2 years ago was undertaken successful phase 1 of the renewal of the system of access control in the port of Algeciras with our DORLET systems. The customer has followed trusting us and you have recently expanded, through phase 2, the new system of the Bay of Algeciras port authority access control.

This project has been made within the current policy of updating of infrastructures, oriented towards new standards of SmartPort.

This system has the necessary adjustments both at the level of field elements (Controllers, Desfire technology RFID readers...) for all types of pedestrian access (users, workers, forces of order...), as vehicles (cars, trucks with or without) tow...), integrating the LPR systems in our DASSnet management platform.

A far-reaching adaptation has integrated customs-tax agency, dangerous goods, state security forces and shipping companies into the information platforms.

You are currently managing more than 100 RFID readers, and about 50 readers LPR.

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