How do you manage employee clocking records in today's situation?

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The state of alarm in the face of the COVID-19 crisis and the quarantine established by the Spanish Government has forced both small and large companies to work from home. Teleworking is one way to minimise infection among workers and to continue business activities, without compromising the company.

Being home-bound does not waive the obligation to clock in and thus comply with the requirements established by the Royal Decree on Time Control.

But, how can we implement time control remotely? Where is it registered?

Work attendance is difficult to control for companies that had to close their offices; which is why we have tools like DASStime®, a 100% Cloud system, which allows quick and easy management of these requirements through applications such as mobile clocking, with a geolocation option, or the employee portal.

The implementation of this solution is immediate, since it does not require any kind of installation on site.



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Mobile clocking: It enables sending clocking records and incidences that may occur, and check the logs of all the records made. For greater ease of use, access is allowed from a web link, without the need to install specific APPs.

Employee Portal:  Management of working hours becomes a collaborative process between employees, supervisors and HR. Each employee/supervisor will carry out part of the management, and only applicable authorisations will be escalated to HR, subject to system configuration.



SMEs and large companies (multi-company option)


  • Reduce the administrative burden on the HR department.
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses, no need to purchase any device.
  • It does not require complex training and allows to create department supervisors with limited permissions.
  • To sign up, all you need is an internet connection and a simple web browser. Management can be done from anywhere and at any time.


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