New Auto Chek-In Kiosks

kiosko huawei Dorlet

As a complement to our visitor-management system, we have added a range of kiosks to our catalogue that speed up visitor registration at installations. This way , it allows the visitor, through a specially designed touch interface to register within the system, obtain accreditation and access inside the facility.

The kiosk may have different accessories depending on the needs of the facilities:

  • OCR reader captures ID card, passport and driving licence data, registers them in the system and verifies the visitor's identity.
  • Printer accreditation: issues accreditations with personal data or bars or QR codes to allow the identification and access for visitors.
  • Webcam: to take the visitor's photo and store it in the DORLET software for later viewing and verification, if necessary.
  • Bar Codes Reader or QR: identifies the visitor who already has either of these codes and later validates them in the system.
  • Other readers and accessories: contact us about your facilities’ needs.

Whatever hardware is installed in the kiosk, the operation can adopt different modes that can be parametrized from the DASSnet® management software:

  • Fully automatic: the visitor is credited without the need for approval by the client: enter the data, receives accreditation and access to facilities. In this case, the person receiving the visitor receives a message notifying them of the visitor’s presence.
  • Semi automatic: the visitor is already in the system after completing the on-line accreditation process on the Dorlet website; the kiosk issues the credentials and notifies the person receiving the visitor of their presence.
  • Manual: the kiosk is used as an interface between the visitor and a remote operator who manages the visitor’s access.

The kiosk and its functionalities facilitate and speed up visitors’ access to the facilities , while, at the same time, providing a simple service to both the visitor and the end client.

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