New technologies to avoid infection

Reconocimiento facial

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the teleworking measures recommended by the World Health Organisation, technology is evolving by leaps and bounds to adapt to the current situation.

This virus has a much higher spread rate than other diseases, and there is still no vaccine that can help counteract it in a controlled way from the health care system, so we need to be extremely cautious as regards personal contact.

Systems based on facial recognition can replace the biometric fingerprint systems that we have been using so far, making access control much easier without using hands for identification. You just need to get close to the terminal to be registered in the system, and open the door or control barrier it is connected to.



It uses facial biometric points to identify an individual, then it compares the stored facial features and characteristics of the subject in the database with those of the image or video key frame.

The system uses two cameras installed in the reader to take a series of facial points and creates a biometric template that is stored along with the person's information. When this person stands in front of the facial recognition device, it reads their face again and compares the points with the data stored in its memory, and then accepts or rejects the requested operation.

This system offers extra security over keypad codes or ID card reading, as it makes it impossible to steal another person's identity.

Facial readers


As fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, controlling the employee's body temperature is one of the measures that help detect cases of infection. Many companies are already incorporating temperature sensors into their readers.

Facial recognition or proximity cards are used to log in and measure temperature, which enables detecting potential infected users through a thermographic camera.


Another biometric system in compliance with health measures is probably motion sensors.

Inspired on the concept of 3D printers, there are devices that collect four-finger 3D prints for maximum accuracy by waving your hand in front of the sensor. This solution can ensure organisations a frictionless access experience for their authorised users in all of their locations, with a simple wave of the hand.


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