Contactless Access Control, Facial recognition readers

Lectores faciales

According to the media, it will take about a year to get back to normal, and it cannot be guaranteed that 'normality' will be the same as it used to. 

People need to feel safe, and that will be harder to achieve. Clients and employees need to feel safe and that their health is not at risk. That is why people should start thinking about adapting their facilities to this 'new normal'.

In addition, the BOE (Spanish Official State Gazette) has recommended to avoid fingerprint readers and disinfect all devices. Greater hygiene measures should be adopted by using contactless biometric verification.

Therefore, companies need to implement much sturdier security systems, such as iris recognition, facial recognition, contactless fingerprinting... Technologies that are becoming valid alternatives for Access and Presence Control and that, in turn, guarantee acceptable false positive or negative rates, although not everything is acceptable. 

Facial recognition readers

  • Reduces the chances of impersonation. There are many biometric traits, such as the iris or the fingerprint, associated with the person's DNA, that help identify an individual and that cannot be falsified. 
  • Greater hygiene, less risk of infection. People do not need to come into direct contact with the readers.
  • Possibility of complementing it with other external identification elements, such as an RFID identification card.  If you have an RFID card access control system, you can easily expand it with these new readers, preventing an unauthorised person from accessing the premises with a card other than theirs.




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