CX 4000 DOUBLE (IP-66) Electronic Cylinder 42AABB01

CX 4000 DOBLE (IP-66)
CX 4000 DOBLE (IP-66)
CX 4000 DOBLE (IP-66) metal profile

The CX 4000 electronic cylinder contains the electronics, clutch and battery within the same cylinder giving the most compact access-control solution.

The biggest advantage of the CX 4000 electronic cylinder is its quick and easy installation, since you only have to replace the existing cylinder with the CX 4000 electronic cylinder, keeping the existing mechanics. There are CX 4000 electronic cylinders for European, American (ANSI), Swiss (RZ) and Scandinavian (oval) standards.

The CX 4000 DOUBLE model consists of two electronic access control knobs, one on each side of the door.

The CX 4000 electronic cylinder can work in DOC® or DOC® + Wireless mode to establish communication with DASSnet®™. The CX radio interface is required to work in Wireless mode. Both working modes allow the integration of the CX electronic handles with the DORLET® online access‑control systems.

The CX 4000 electronic cylinder reader uses both Mifare® and DESFire® 13.56 MHz card technologies.