Mifare® Mural M Reader 14205000

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The Mural M card reader is designed for reading and writing on MiFare® 13.56 MHz cards is fitted in a standard 60x60 flush-mounted electrical box.

The communication between the reader and the controller is protected by a 128-bit AES encryption. This encryption prevents the monitoring of the communications between them

The Mural M reader allows the use of encrypted Mifare® sectors to store the serial number of the card, avoiding the use of the card’s CSN, which is not protected and is insecure.

Thanks to its read/ write capability, the Mural M reader also allows the use of DOC SYNC™ technology for integrating stand-alone equipment.

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CSN DESFire® Reading
SAM card in controller for the storage of the encryption KEYs
Reading and writing on Mifare® sectors
Installation in standard 60x60 box
EN 60839 Grade 4
Secure communication protocol AES-128
Available with IP-65
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